Even though video games can be beneficial to our health they can also be bad. There a few ways in which video games can actually be harmful to our health.

If someone plays video games very often and without a good amount of breaks then they are at risk of developing muscle pains or RSI (repetitive strain injury). Just casually playing video games or making sure that you take an appropriate amount of breaks if playing for an extended period of time is the best way to avoid RSI instead of playing for hours without a break.

Although not a direct result of video games, obesity is another reason why video games can be bad for your health. As people become addicted to playing video games, they can become lazy and instead of spending the time to cook healthier meals they will just eat snack foods and junk food that will contain much more sugar and fat because they are much easier and quicker.

Another bad thing about gaming that isn’t really a direct result of gaming is sleep deprivation. As people become addicted to video games, lots of people will stay up extremely late or not even go to bed at all and stay up all night just to play more video games. Sleep deprivation can be an extremely bad thing especially for younger gamers as they will be more likely to drop grades in school and potentially fail exams and tests.

Although it is a very controversial topic and there have been many studies that will prove and disprove this but there is a case that playing violent video games can cause people (especially the younger gamers) to have more violent thoughts and behaviour. This argument about whether video games do cause people to become more aggressive always ends up in the news when a new game is released that some people think is overly violent and will probably never be fully agreed on as to whether video games do or don’t cause violence.

One last negative part of gaming is that playing video games for extended periods of time can cause problems with eyesight from prolonged exposure to a tv screen or a monitor. This can be easily avoided by taking breaks